akira_fudo_amon (akira_fudo_amon) wrote in taikodrummaster,

the big news is here!!
in japan thay are working on a taiko drum master claymation anime
it looks realy silly from some photos in newtype mag.
this means it might have a chance of hitting the us but if not theres always buying the inports

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    Hello!! I have made a Taiko Drum Master fanlisting if anyone wants to sign!!! http://www50.brinkster.com/sanriosushi/taiko.html Thanks!!

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    Dude....I got this game for Christmas, and I've played it so much I'm surprised my hands haven't fallen off. XD I feel sorry for my neighbors.…

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    my mom just got it but i have to ern it, the namco collection of the taiko games 1 to 4 in japanese!!! i need to get them, im so happy

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