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the big news is here!!
in japan thay are working on a taiko drum master claymation anime
it looks realy silly from some photos in newtype mag.
this means it might have a chance of hitting the us but if not theres always buying the inports
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Dude....I got this game for Christmas, and I've played it so much I'm surprised my hands haven't fallen off. XD I feel sorry for my neighbors.

Anyway, does anyone know the romanized lyrics for the opening theme to the game? It's really catchy and I'd like to sing along to it correctly. I've been searching everywhere, but I can't find them.

I'd appreciate any help whatsoever with my search. ^_^


If there's another Taiko: Drum Master community, let's link to it here. I made this in case there are other fans out there looking for a place to share their passion for drumming.

I've had this pre-ordered for some time, myself. I'm really looking forward to the songs on here, with the exception of "The Impression That I Get" (which is also on Donkey Konga, another drumming game I own). Hopefully people will share their experiences as well! :D